Theology, Philosophy and Ethics at Bishop Grosseteste University offers a range of single honours and joint BA honours degree programme for undergraduate students. Joint honours currently runs with History or Education Studies. The department also offers an MA in Theology and Religious Studies.

As a department we are seeking to help you explore the big questions that people are asking themselves and each other in various contexts. These range from climate change to structural oppression to the meaning of life. Our courses are intended to be issue led as a means of enabling you to develop critical thinking skills, research skills, evaluation skills, a wider appreciation for the different life experiences and world views of others, and provide you with new opportunities for engaging with what matters to people.

You can select from courses on:

  • philosophical thought
  • commemoration and memorial
  • green theology
  • feminist theology
  • critical race studies
  • media and popular culture
  • religion and science
  • ethics and moral dilemmas / questions
  • New religious movements
  • Holocaust education
  • war and terrorism
  • religion and education

In addition to the classroom teaching you will be provided will numerous opportunities to take part in field trips as well as trips abroad (Rome and India). You will be encouraged and supported to play active roles in the research and additional academic roles that your lecturers undertake such as attending and participating in conferences, organising and hosting events, and conducting fieldwork analysis. This will provide an enriching learning experience for you to apply the skills and knowledge you will gain from your course and, in doing so, give valuable real-world experience to boost your career. We like to think of it as “theology with its sleeves rolled up.”