The Implicit Religion UK conference began in 1978 running annually and now located at Bishop Grosseteste University. From the beginning, Edward was determined to focus on the conferring aspect, the conversation and discussion rather than the presentation itself and we have remained true to that in subsequent years. As well as being a distinctive marker for an academic conference, that approach has enabled a wide range of international delegates to experience and enjoy a sustained focus of interest, a variety of topics and a diversity of responses to their ideas.

Following the passing of Edward, three significant changes were made: the introduction of a theme for the call for papers, the creation of an Edward Bailey lecture as a keynote, and the inclusion of a dedicated panel for undergraduate and master’s level students to present on. The previous four years conferences themes were:

2019 – Religion and the Encounter; the keynote was delivered by Dr Tim Jenkins (Cambridge University) on Encounters with Aliens: research into images of life elsewhere.

2018 – Troubling the norms through embodied / disembodied choices; the keynote was delivered by Dr Dawn Llewelyn (University of Chester) on Elective Childlessness, Motherhood and Christianity: Narration of Choice.

2017 – Materiality and Immateriality; the keynote was delivered by Professor S. Brent Plate (Hamilton College) on Cinema and the Re-Creation of the World: On Myths and Rituals Before the Screen.

2016 – Implicit Religion: Revisiting and Rethinking the Familiar; the keynote was delivered by Professor Grace Davie (University of Exeter) on Implicit Religion: A Middle Pathway.