The Edward Bailey Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion is dedicated to inter-disciplinary research into contemporary spirituality and religious experience. We seek to do so in a way that will bring together people who have an interest in this study and to work with other organisations with overlapping interests. With that in mind, we welcome individuals of all ethnic origins, races, genders, orientations, (dis)abilities, religious backgrounds, financial means, and professional or immigration statuses. Your voices, ideas, papers, and personage matter and we will do what is necessary to create a productive, interdisciplinary, and intersectional atmosphere where all are treated with respect.

To ensure this all events are run on the understanding that participation can hold additional burdens for precariously employed individuals, for students and for those with caring responsibilities. For that reason we guarantee that we will never charge registration fees or membership dues to anyone. We will work with people to ensure dietary needs, accessibility needs or caring responsibilities are taken into account and catered for throughout and with any materials we develop thereafter. We embrace technology to enable participation by those who are unable to attend events in person but wish to contribute to them.

Please note that we are a small organisation, and as such we do not have the financial capacity to offer funding for travel or conference-related costs at this time. At present we are also not in a position to support visa applications beyond providing a letter confirming participation.